438 Eisenhower Lane, Lombard, IL. 60148 :: 630.268.1045

We Have Moved! Effective January 3, 2018.
Industrial Rehab Allies will be Located at:
Yorkbrook Business Park
438 Eisenhower Lane, Lombard, IL. 60148
This is only 1 mile from our current location.
Phone # remains (630) 268-1045.

Welcome to Industrial Rehab Allies (IRA)

Industrial Rehab Allies (IRA) is a company designed with function in mind. Whether wanting to return to work, sports, or the activities of everyday life, IRA is uniquely qualified to help you achieve those goals. While we cater to the orthopedic physical therapy patient, we also provide specialized services such as industrial rehab (Functional capacity evaluations, work hardening or work conditioning), or help a company to reduce injuries through a variety of on-site services. Located at the western edge of Lombard, IL, we are easily accessible from most major highways (5 minutes from the intersection of I355 and I88). IRA is prepared to not only improve your symptoms and musculoskeletal deficits, but also address your desire to return to work, to sports, or everyday life.

We have a premiere facility with half of our 10,000 square feet containing private exam rooms, physical therapy modalities, conditioning machines, and cardiovascular equipment. In addition, a 5,000 square foot warehouse is designed to simulate work tasks, sport specific skills, or activities of daily living. The goal of IRA is to return its patients to a normal lifestyle despite their injury. The training and experience of our staff and the implementation of our time tested, dynamic protocols lead to the realization of your goals in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner. Education and self management of your condition is stressed to prevent re-injury and accelerate progress.

John and Steve opened IRA in 1999 after working in the field of industrial rehabilitation for more than 10 years. This mindset was applied to orthopedic physical therapy, helping us to effectively address a wide variety of functional needs ranging from the Medicare patient to the competitive athlete. Our Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) protocol has been unique to IRA since it was developed over the years with input from national FCE providers, physicians, and case managers. Our Work Hardening program is designed to replicate the resistance levels and frequency of the tasks required of your job, often using the same materials handled at your place of employment. Work Conditioning can be used as a precursor to work hardening, return to work, or to improve flexibility, endurance, and strength following an injury. Steve has undergone extensive postgraduate training in ergonomics and other injury prevention services from industrial health professionals dedicated to reducing the rate and consequences of on-the-job injuries.

See for yourself why IRA is the provider of choice by many local patients, doctors, and companies.

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